Philip Fusco new online store

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Philip Fusco is very proud to announce the official launch of #PHILCITY online store!

Philip is the “Favorite Underwear Model of 2015” according to Underwear News Briefs reader’s votes
and “Best Model 2014” from Men & Underwear . He had the honor of representing leading brands of
underwear like Andrew Christian, Gregg Homme and Todd Sandfield in addition to making the cover of
many magazines like DNA (Australia), Männer (Germany) and Fugues (Canada). He is the official fitness
and nutrition advisor of KYYA radio station and his Facebook page has almost reached a stunning half a
million fans!

PHILCITY’s new bamboo underwear is the ultimate choice for comfort! It is particularly breathable and wicks
moisture away keeping the body cool and fresh. It will feel like you are wearing nothing!

Philip was in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) in June for a photo session for his online store with the amazing
César Ochoa (Dress To KILL Magazine & Fugues). #PHILCITY items are also sold in store at Garçons
Sclupteurs in Montreal.

Black brief

Red fashion

Gray fashion

White brief & towel

Black tank-top

White tank-top

Silver wristband